. Pain from stress fractures usually develops gradually and is worse during weight. Familiarize yourself with common locations and patterns of injury involving the digits, metatarsals, midfoot, and hindfoot. Zone 3 (mid-shaft fracture or dancer’s fracture): Midshaft fractures usually result from trauma or twisting.

Dancer fracture vs jones fracture

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Repetitive stress can occur during activities such as jumping, landing, or sudden.

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Metatarsal fractures are among the most common injuries of the foot that may occur due to trauma or repetitive microstress.

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Feb 8, 2023 · A Jones fracture occurs when one of the bones on the top of the foot breaks. 2017 May 31.

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. These fractures peak during the third decade of life for men and the seventh decade for women. A twisting injury to the ankle and foot may cause a long fracture of the 5th metatarsal shaft — the bone that attaches the little toe to the midfoot (Figure 1). . . .

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A "Dancer's fracture" has sometimes been used to describe both of these injuries, but is typically the latter.

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Confusion surrounding fracture terminology often compounds.

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" Fractures may either be: Non-displaced, where the bone is cracked but the ends of the bone are together.

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